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    this is my favorite video

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    Her name is Yoshimi 
    She’s a black belt in karate
    Working for the city 
    She has to discipline her body 

    - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1, The Flaming Lips

  8. While everyone was busy talking about Leonardo DiCaprio’s white guy rhythm at Coachella (and honestly, I wish I could pull off that punch move), it looks like his “Wolf of Wall Street” follow-up was clicking into place. And boy is it a good one.

    The film is “The Revenant,” based on the novel by Michael Punke. It was one of a number of projects DiCaprio has been attached to, but now it’s officially his next as it will go into production this September with a release date set for the fall of next year.

    "The Revenant" tells the true story of fur trapper Hugh Glass, left for dead by a pair of fellow volunteers of a Rocky Mountain fur trapping expedition who were tasked to care for him in the wake of a vicious grizzly bear mauling. "Deserted, defenseless and furious," an official description reads, "Glass vows his survival. And his revenge." (x)

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  9. My new catchphrase is I don’t give a fuck!

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  10. thefilmstage:

    The first image from Ryan Gosling's directorial debut Lost River, which will premiere at Cannes.

    See more details here.

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  12. at a pool party


    "hey bukowski no offense but why dont you take your shirt off in the pool"
    "why do we run from the rain but soak in tubs full of water"
    "aight take it easy man"

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  13. In eternity, where there is no time, nothing can grow, nothing can become, nothing changes. So, Death created time; to grow the things that it would kill. 

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  14. Doors and windows and bridges and gates and they all open the same way and they all close behind you. 

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